Lisa G Saw


Red Squirrels, Brownsea Island

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There are only a few places in the South of England that you can see Red Squirrels in the wild. Brownsea Island is one of them. As many of you may be aware, the red squirrel population has been decimated, in part, by the grey squirrel. They are a non-native species from America that was introduced by humans in the 1870s and they brought with them squirrel-pox, a virus that kills red squirrels. Grey squirrels are not the sole reason for the reduced population however, as fragmentation of its native woodland habitat has also had a significant impact. 85% of the UK population of red squirrels can be found in Scotland. In England, your best chance to see them in the wild is in the north of the country or on the islands where conservation efforts have helped protect them, such as Isle of Wight and Brownsea Island.