Lisa G Saw



On 19th February 2018 I travelled to the Vesteralen Islands in the northern part of Norway in the hopes of seeing the Northern Lights. I spent 4 nights there and was lucky enough to see them every night!

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All these photos were taken in close proximity to our lodge at Andoy Friluftssenter on the Vesteralen Islands. They were either taken from the top of the hill, very near our cabins, across the road on the beach or just down the road a very short distance by the dam. The majority of time was spent at the latter location as there was lots of interesting foreground for the photos. This even involved crawling on the edge of the frozen lake to take advantage of the interesting bits of ice.


Despite staying up until 2 in the morning on several occasions, I still got up early for sunrise to enjoy the beautiful morning light. We also got to explore the area in the daytime, visiting beaches, remote villages and a frozen lake for a spot of ice fishing. There were also several sunset outings too. It really is a stunning location and we barely scratched the surface!