Lisa G Saw


Coronavirus Lockdown Photos

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To start with, during the coronavirus lockdown, I had limited places I could go for my daily exercise, so I'd usually walk along Worthing seafront at dusk or dawn and when the tide was low. I appreciated all the little things in life that give me pleasure during this challenging time (with the most recent first). As someone who loves the outdoors and green spaces, I missed not being able to get out into the countryside and enjoy what would normally be such a wonderful time of year. But, thankfully, now we're able to go a little further afield and spend more than an hour outdoors getting exercise, I've really enjoyed visiting some of my favourite places, like Woods Mill Nature Reserve and also going out for much longer walks. Nature is a wonderful thing and always makes me feel better. It's great to be able to enjoy it firsthand again. I've also posted some new photos on the Spring Page (Themes) and on the Woods Mill page (Reserves, Parks & Centres) and I daresay there'll be more to follow soon as Spring continues to unfold.