Lisa G Saw


Brighton Beach & Starling Murmurations

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I've heard friends comment that they don't see as many starlings now as they used decades ago. Sadly, it's true! Such is the steep decline, even since the 1980s, that they are now on the Red List of species of conservation concern. If you've been lucky enough to see the wonderful murmurations over Brighton Pier, or any of the other key sights around the UK for that matter, where massive numbers of birds accumulate at dusk every night before going to roost, you might not believe they are in decline. However, during the winter the numbers are boosted by migrant birds from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Russia fleeing the colder climates.


If you haven't yet enjoyed this amazing spectacle, I strongly recommend you do. It's quite breathtaking! Cold, still nights between December and February are the best time. From a photography standpoint, it's been great fun experimenting with slow shutter speeds and the movement of the sea and also photographing the burnt out shell of the West Pier off Brighton Beach, although it's a sad reminder of what once was.

Starling Murmurations Video