Lisa G Saw


For as long as I can remember I've had a love of travelling and, ever since I bought my first camera, a love of photography quickly developed. It's such a great way to capture special moments that otherwise, over time, start to fade from our memory. Photography is also a great way of capturing the beauty that is all around us; from people to animals and places both near and far.


I created this website so I could share some of the wonderful experiences I've been so fortuntate to have. I hope you enjoy reading the stories from my travels and seeing the photos. I've also included links to other sources of information, which may be of interest. It's my hope that I can help to increase awareness about some of the issues that are having an impact on the world today.


The world is a beautiful place and life is so very precious. Let's celebrate both and make the most of every day, treasure what is around us and help to preserve the world, so future generations can do the same.


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